Thursday 3 April 2014

All in my head

white rosemary

The year is powering on past and for reasons almost entirely beyond my control planting and gardening have been put on hold. It's a pity because this lovely mild spring weather is just perfect for getting the beds in order and main crops settled in. It seems now it will be the middle of April before any work can start in earnest which means I've next to nothing to blog about here.

Today I spent some time using Picasa to scroll through twelve years of digital photography looking for interesting pictures and reliving past hopes (mostly failed) and glories (not nearly enough).  It makes me wish again that I'd tried harder to document  all the years that went before - an unedited photo album may not be the most efficient form of record keeping but it does register something and seems far more reliable than my patchy memory.

Something I am pleased about is the tub of snake's head fritilliaries we planted up last week. After years of buying bulbs and promptly forgetting to plant them before they withered in their packets we found some ready potted on a market stall. I'm hoping that buying them in the green like this will mean the start of a proper meadow of them when the flowers are finished and I plant them out in the field.

snake's head fritilliary

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