Wednesday 30 April 2014

It's a wild life.


On a sunny day last week we spent some time in the garden and moving a pile of detritus next to the vegetable patch I was lucky enough to discover a sleepy slow worm.  They move so fast usually and all you catch is a glimpse of a wriggling body disappearing into the long grass. We were pleased to get these pictures before I set it free in a spot less likely to suffer disturbance.

This specimen has lost a bit off the end of its tail which is a shame but at least it doesn't seem too worried by it. I hope it wasn't a cat that did it.


Later in the day I was watching the swallows doing acrobatics across the yard when I realised there was an ugly duckling swooping around with them. Eventually the intruder came to rest and revealed it was actually a bat. Quite why it would have been flying during the middle of the afternoon in full sun is a mystery but there it was. Possibly we'd disturbed its roost while moving a tree trunk with the tractor although the tree in question had been down for some time.


I don't know a lot about bats although we have quite a few here most evenings but looking at the photos I think this is probably a Natterer's bat because it had a very light coloured underside to its fur.



AlisonC said...

How exciting! Great pics too.

Bats out during the day are nothing to worry about apparently

Catofstripes said...

Thanks for the pointer, Alison. I did wonder if it was ill perhaps but this seems more cheerful :)