Tuesday 10 June 2014

A greenhouse full of cats


Stuff is beginning to get out of hand a bit. The salsify is self seeded into the lawn, rather lovely no, but still surprising that a plant a metre tall can reach flowering size on the patch we normally keep short.

the Devil Deer returns

The devil deer is back, or one of her friends and the fencing isn't finished yet. I have a warning siren I thought might do for scaring hunters in the autumn; it makes big game animal noises but perhaps I should install that with a proximity sensor to discourage the damn herbivores.

flowers of epicure potato

The Epicure potatoes are in full flower, I think we'll be able to take some by the end of the month, probably a full four weeks later than we usually have new potatoes. The British Queens are budding nicely too. Already I've had to spray for blight, it rained torrents the next day and washed most of it off but I'll have to wait a few weeks before repeating the exercise. Luckily the forecast is for fairly dry over the next ten days.


At least some fruit is reaching harvest readiness. These red currants on a self seeded bush are looking good and the purchased bush in the back is also ripening nicely. I've had handfuls of wild strawberries, wild in that they grow where they want around the yard, and a first few raspberries too. There are gooseberries, black currants and blueberries all in different stages and the blackberries are flowering now which is pleasing the butterflies.

red admiral3

Tomatoes are just putting on the first flowers. Due to some clerical oversight I've completely failed to keep track of varieties this year, I can tell you I have 21 plants and that they are, in variable numbers, Tigerella, Potiron Encarlote, Gezahnte B├╝hrer-Keel, Cornue Andes and a seed saved from a commercial tomato because I wanted to see if it would grow. I had four seedlings of these but they were terribly weak and weedy specimens and I decided not to waste much energy on them. The survivor has picked up a bit now but I suspect the parent was F1 and the offspring won't come to much.

First tomato flowers


Anonymous said...

where are the cats?

Catofstripes said...

It's surrealism