Tuesday 13 January 2015

A Tuesday in pictures

This was quite a surprise, a daffodil out already. Sadly, I can't find any snowdrops even though we had a few last year.

A beautiful self seeded chard has had no trouble with the mild winter and is bountiful.

I put the swedes in far too early last year but they've done surprisingly well and we'll probably be able to eat the last few here before they get too tough.

A quick peek into the forest, not a hunting day today but they were out in force yesterday. Makes you a bit nervous about going for a walk there.

Something lovely in the woodshed, lots and lots of wood.

Water over the bridge. Well, it's a weir really but for most of the year it's a dry pond boundary.

pink primrose
It is a cultivated variety gone feral but this pink primrose is far earlier than the native yellow sort.

jan sunset
The sun sets much further to the south west at this time of year.

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