Thursday 23 January 2020


striped bunch bean

The days barely seem any longer but the pull towards starting the next season of seeds is building up. As a first step I thought I'd look through the collections of seeds from years past and find out what needs urgent regeneration.

the jersey bean

Inevitably there are far more bean seeds for consideration than anything else, and many of these are so old that it's doubtful they are still alive. I plan to do some germination tests of some of rarer geriatrics and see if I can bring them round. It will be fine to grow out many french beans but I'm already panicking at the difficulties surrounding broad and field beans which cross easily.

mayflower bean

I've found some 'not-too-old' chilli seeds that were gifted to me and put to one side during the move so I shall start those this month along with some aubergine and other tender vegetables that need an early start on the year. It will be good to install the grow light that I bought three years ago and get some use out of it.

Pink Fir Apple

The seed potatoes are bought, luckily none of them looking like the mad Pink Fir Apple above, and some spring planting garlic. I am concerned that I can't find my tomato and pumpkin seeds though, let's hope they turn up when I do some more unpacking.

Here's to the new vegetable patch!


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