Wednesday 19 April 2006

Building Excitement

I'm beginning to get rather excited by the thought of moving to France for the summer. Although many of the tasks ahead are quite extensive there are some simpler things to be done that will improve the quality of life quite quickly and dramatically.


This wallpaper adorns the walls of the two small rooms that have been built into the loft space above the room with the woodburner in it. Viewed like this it doesn't look too bad (I'm already wondering if I should preserve it for posterity) but as decoration for the principal bedroom I fear it may cause nausea and lack of sleep. So it has to go.

There are other decoration tasks. The blue paint in the 'snug' is glossy and dirty. As an effect I rather like it but it's a modern paint which will increase condensation and dampness and may hasten the decay of the cob walls as a result. The middle room downstairs, previously used as a bedroom as far as I can tell, but destined to be a dining room for the next year or so, needs the wallpaper stripping completely and a suitable wash put on the bare plaster. The pink nylon carpet won't even do for killing grass as it's of the sort that decays into fluff, yellow spongy bits and streamers of indestructible plastic straw. The damp and decaying 'lounge' is currently full of tools and detritus retrieved from Ireland. This needs a good clear out even if we're not using it as habitation immediately. I don't want to set a precedent for having wheelbarrows in the house.

There's not much point in getting too carried away at this point because rewiring, heating and a good deal of repair work needs to be carried out and it would be foolish to spend a lot on an expensive finish that would be ruined by later alterations but something needs to be done for harmony and comfort over the summer.

The next trip is now booked for 24th - 29th April and I have room in the car if anyone wants to join me.

I've also been trying to build some more information into the party website. Trouble is, I find it dreadfully boring and if I find it boring to write then it will surely be boring to read. Still by the end of today I hope to have a few more details of places of interest around Normandy. The final directions will be published just before I leave for the summer in June.

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