Sunday 30 April 2006

Home from Home

So here I am back again after 5 days in France. Took quite a lot of pictures before my battery ran out and I'm here to tell you that the otter is in fact a coypu!


Not a brilliant picture it's true, but adequate for the purposes of identification. There are at least three of them, the whole family was out for a snack one afternoon in the sunshine and didn't run off particularly fast at my approach.

I kept a diary while I was away but I'm not going to put it here immediately for two reasons, one of which is that I'm working from Paul's laboratory today (long off-topic story) and forgot to bring it with me and secondly because unless someone comments or emails me to say they want to read it I might not bother. So get those votes on the back of a postcard now.

The quick summary of the trip is that the mission was accomplished, we now have water, electricity and telephone connected and things are progressing satisfactorily.

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