Sunday 9 April 2006

Practical Lime Course

We spent Friday last in Devon at Mike Wye's Lime Course in Buckland Filleigh. It was a good day covering basics in wall building with stone and cob, lime mortar, render, plaster and washes with plenty of hands on opportunities and advice from real experts. It now seems possible to contemplate the repairs necessary to the main house and even the rebuilding of various structures that have failed completely.

bus stop
The view from the window of our bedroom in the pub.

It was a long drive down on the Thursday night and we stayed at a pub near to the course, reputed to be the sixth most haunted building in Britain. We didn't know that but still didn't sleep too well even though the room was comfortable and pleasant. The pub is the The Devil's Stone Inn in Shebbear and the lunch was laid on there for the members of the Lime course on Friday. They did a passably good vegan lunch for us so we were pleased and pass on our recommendations.

Party news - about 18 have accepted the invitation to the house warming so far. One or two people have spaces in cars and if you'd like me to try and match you up then let me know by email. We've had a few drop outs because of pressure of work and/or financial problems which are sad but inevitable but the most interesting excuse was that the World Cup of some sport or other might be having a match that weekend. I'm trying not to be offended. If you really can't make that weekend but would still like to visit in the summer I will be in residence until October at least so let me know when you're arriving. Paul will be there some of the time but will have to put in an appearance at work from time to time.

Finally I'd just like to note that it is the anniversary of my sister's death today. Bee was just 43 when she died suddenly and unexpectedly. It is partly due to losing her that we decided that waiting for a country home was no longer an option. I think she would have approved of La Rupallerie even though I doubt we could ever have persuaded her to visit it. Wish it was still possible to try.


Anonymous said...

tripe o rooney

Catofstripes said...

Thanks for that Humphrey.

Any particular message you were trying to get across?