Monday 12 March 2007

Black Cat down


Bagheera is very unwell. He's at the vet's now and we're waiting for more information when the tests come back. We're all very worried.


Cat has had a quiet night and they're going to try him with some food this morning.

UPDATE 13/3/07 19:49

Bags is staying in overnight. The vet says he has licked the tomato sauce off some food (culinary advice my suggestion) and is a bit more relaxed after an afternoon of being prodded about by people at the animal hospital. If all goes well tonight he can come home tomorrow.

So I've cancelled Ireland (yes, all of it, sorry)

UPDATE 14/3/07 09:17

The cat will be back from hospital today at about 4.00 p.m. along with a huge quantity of drugs and instructions not to mention an immense bill.

So that's all right for now.


Xtal said...

What's left after the cat is gone?


kisses to him

Unknown said...

Sorry to hear the poor old furry boy was unwell, but glad to hear he's back on his feet again. Are you back off to Ireland now?