Saturday 25 August 2007

A Productive Day

Sun came out and I basked in it like a basking shark. Then I got the lawn mower out and started on the grass, again.


While I was mowing I came across this interesting and remarkably large (at least compared to the other grass insects) grasshopper. My tentative identification is of Tettigonia viridissima which is most often given the common name of Great Green Bush Cricket. However, I'm not entirely certain what distinguishes a cricket from a grasshopper and at least some American sites (and one British one here) refer to this as a grasshopper. So that's good enough for me, it's a grasshopper.

(addendum: the wikipedia entry gives some explanation about this insect but as it lays multiple eggs underground I still think it's a grasshopper.)

warty puff

Then, wandering around in the warmness of summer at last, I found (as well as a couple of deliquesced unidentifiable fungi) this Common or Warted Puffball, Lycoperdon Perlatum along with a couple of friends. These are edible when young but tiny and since I'm waiting on the Giant Puffballs to appear hardly worth the effort but at least they show the fungus season is just beginning.

Moon over Kite Field

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