Sunday 26 August 2007

Red Sky at Night


Another brilliant sunset tonight, the sort where you have to fight with yourself to stop trying to suck it all into the camera so you can can keep it crippled but for ever and just absorb it into your soul. The magic of gold tinged pink and celestial blue will ever be my joy, it cannot be bettered.

However, to more prosaic matters. Today I harvested a crop of onions. It's not the sort of produce that will have the French onion growers shivering in their shoes but it's still a gathering. If the end days came and there were no more seed companies we could preserve our lifestyle in a small way by propagating from these onions and keeping the race going. However, it's more likely they'll be gobbled up in a couple of weeks worth of curries and stir fries.


Note the damage to the leaves, those allium addicted deer are still in the neighbourhood. Just as well I'm not bothering with leeks this year.

And now I return you to that psychedelic sunset. Thank you and Good Night.


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