Sunday 19 August 2007

Something of nothing

Fallen off the blog wagon...

well, not really but I've been in the UK and there's not much to talk about. I've made entries before where the depth of my despair is revealed and then had to delete them and that's sort of the point I'm reaching here.

Back to France tomorrow, to spend a couple of days at the little house with Roy before he drops me off at La Rup. on his way to the ferry. I'm looking forward to seeing the new seed bed again and keeping my fingers crossed against those pesky deer. I'm also looking forward to the time in Ouville, the other home that has held some of my dreams in France for the last 18 years. We'll do some gardening and reminiscing.

I was looking for a picture of the Ouville house but can't find one... if you squint your eyes a bit, this might almost be it!

Anyway, plans for the next couple of weeks include:

Seeing the Dog Woman (formerly the Cat Woman) to give her a tutorial on managing her own website. I'm not really too stretched to do it for her but I'm beginning to become irritated by the need to edit her words and manipulate her very poor images before page mods can be made. Is that mean and small minded of me?

Doing a lot of house work as I have visitors booked for the last weekend in August, my friend V and her daughter, another V. Wondering what to do to entertain them, and hoping the weather will be good enough to make their break a pleasant one.

Concentrating my mind on finding a way to earn money. A storm is looming and I have no resources to meet it.

That'll do for now.

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