Friday 26 October 2007

PoMo part 1

Like most bloggers I keep a finger on the pulse of my readership by use of a tracking site. It doesn't give me much information about you, so don't panic, but it does quite often list the search terms that brought you to my blog in the first place.


Apart from one or two very regular readers most of the traffic is from passing trade, people looking for images - the big hornet and the giant puffball are favourites - and recipes for jam and alcoholic beverages. This isn't the sort of place where people searching for new bondage knots or enormous willies are satisfied so the search terms are rarely more exotic than that and that's a good thing, but I have noticed a couple of other trends which I now intend to address because I don't like to think of people washing up here and leaving disappointed.

Firstly the matter of tripe.

It's in the title so it's hardly surprising that it gets a fairly frequent outing but as far as I remember there's nothing here actually about tripe. Until now, when I give you all the lowdown and a small insight into the naming of the blog.

There is the meat tripe. Tripe is usually the lining of a cow's stomach, although pork and sheep's stomachs also fall under the definition. The first cow's stomach gives smooth tripe, the second honeycomb tripe and there is also pocket tripe. Tripe is usually partially prepared by the butcher before further long cooking in an attempt to render it edible. There is a famous French dish called tripes à la mode de Caen, a local speciality to us in Normandy and as well as being on all the restaurant menus it is also available in jars in the supermarket and from the delicatessen stalls. The Spanish tradition with tripe is to make menudo, a sort of tripe soup. Naturally as a vegan I can't recommend you try it but even not as a vegan I know of few who enjoy it although some from the beleaguered North of England may sigh nostalgically when it's mentioned.

Then we have the second meaning of the word tripe which is:
Nonsensical or worthless language, drivel, codswallop or folderol, words which require definitions of their own but you get the general picture.

And that's the sort of tripe of which this blog is composed along with a little colourful imagery designed to nudge the imagination into comparing the intestines of cats with something said animal might have dragged in. The true level of my mind is revealed.

The second most frequent sort of query I shall address another day.

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