Friday 16 May 2008

All Hail

We had a bit of a storm today. Pity really, it battered many of the vegetables like sweetcorn and tomatoes that I had planted out in the last week and which had been doing well. The thunder was continuous and the downpour, when it wasn't torrential rain was this:

all hail

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Anonymous said...

One of the heaviest I've witnessed - not far short of the Guinness Book Of Records entry I experienced in Sevenoaks in (I think) 1980, where hail in June lay on the ground for two days. This time, the hail which began in earnest at about 14-00 (true noon) had gone by the following morning, but the damage to plants was nonetheless devastating in places. Hailstones were typically 9-11 mm across, and lay in drifts all day.