Wednesday 28 May 2008

A Big Day

The first of the crop

Yep, I dug the first potatoes!

It's been so dark and wet here for the last few days that I had to make a dash for it during a slight let up in the downpour this morning. It's warm enough but grim out there.

Straight away there seemed to be some mistake. Just a few tiny potatoes and they were red! So I tried the next plant which thankfully had slightly larger tubers that were the expected colour for Swift. All I can think is that we must have tucked a stray Stroma in at the end of the row after we'd finished the main planting. Something like that anyway.

So the picture shows the haul from one Stroma plant which isn't quite ready and two Swift. The ground was so wet and loose and I felt so sorry for the plants that I've replanted them in the hope a few of the baby tubers forming will mature. How stupid is that.

While I was out there it was pleasing to notice that the carrots, Chantenay Red Cored, and the beetroots, Egyptian have germinated. Slightly less pleasing to notice all the weeds joining the throng. If it dries up at all today I'll have to get out there with the hoe.

The Stroma will be ready soon, the main row is beginning to flower.


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