Friday 23 May 2008

The first flower

potato flower
Flower on Potato Swift

An encouraging sign from the potatoes. The Swift is flowering and so next week I shall try a trial dig for the first new potatoes of the season. Hurrah!

Today has a been a day of little achievement. I spent a couple of hours this morning moving a large pile of stones collected during the rotovation of the potato patch and left on the lawn from their temporary resting place to a more permanent one on the concrete apron. It was a tedious and slightly tense task. The stones had been there long enough to gather a red ant's nest beneath them, each red ant capable of a nasty nip, there were quantities of hunting spiders, not harmful particularly but quite shudder inducing to the unwary and the perfectly possible likelihood of snakes. Added to which our wheel barrow has a flat and no matter how tremulously I shook my golden locks and sighed "whatever shall I do?" Bicycle Repair Man failed to materialise and save the day. The stones were moved, half a trug's worth at a time.

I've lost my billhook. Anyone seen it?

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