Wednesday 16 May 2012

Beginners mistakes


It was easy to get a few seeds to germinate indoors, I sowed sweetcorn and some Striped Bunch half runners. As soon as they started to come up I moved them from the propagator to the windowsill for a few days to harden off and then out to the greenhouse where it was warm and the light was good even if the weather wasn't.

The mice didn't just eat what they could see, they dug up each baby seedling and chewed off every last scrap of cotyledon and seed under the ground.

This was so depressing I held off doing anything for a while. I'm beginning to wonder if I should just write this season off and do something more useful instead. But the sun came out today and I found, contrary to my recall, that I did have a handful of sweetcorn seed left so I've brought the seed trays back in and resowed. Who knows what will happen.


Despite the continuing poor weather the imperative of growth keeps things moving on slowly in the garden. There are a few flowers out now, the elderflowers are just coming into bloom, some may, lilacs and other garden shrubs showing blooms.

On a sunny day like today that's quite cheering.


And this is our new toy.


Peter Mulryan said...

That's some toy! I had a slow season last year, you'll be surprised how quickly things start happening in the garden once it gets a bit warmer.

Diane said...

Sorry to hear that the mice ate your garden. I experienced something like that but it was the twenty something cats that live across the street. They used my garden as a litter box and dug up all my plants in the process.