Wednesday 13 June 2007


Today has been hot and humid but with the prospect of rain and thunder this evening. So it seemed sensible to try to get the grass cut before the storms. Which I did, at least at the front of the house, the back garden and the lane edges will have to wait until another day. Finished just before it started to rain.

As a reward I sat with my dinner in front of the computer and spied this cheeky bugger out of the window. He seems completely unafraid which is perilous given the hunting cat in the vicinity and did a circuit around the yard twice. Unfortunately my camera had a flat battery and a full card, always the way but this isn't too bad a shot.


I thought hares were only supposed to be mad in March.


Niles said...

He's big enough to take a cat, isn't he?

Catofstripes said...

I'm not sure, the cats here are either too old or too scrawny I think, but I have known cats take big buck rabbits and this guy is no bigger than that.

Anonymous said...

They had some 'mad' hares on Springwatch on TV. Born fighters.