Sunday 3 June 2007

Night Terrors

In the middle of the night the cat decided I'd been asleep long enough and it was time for me to get up and give him a late supper. After some feeble attempts at resistance I gave up the unequal struggle and stumbled downstairs to attend to his needs.

The cat's food is kept in the storeroom, I opened the door, switched on the light and discovered this!


Except of course, he wasn't under the glass at that point. He looked bemused, I looked bemused, I couldn't see how he had got to this high and foodless shelf and he didn't seem to be able to remember either. So with not much difficulty I popped a handy glass over his head and then proceeded to torture him by as much flash photograhpy as I could stand at three in the morning.

After that, fool that I am, I slipped a pot cover under the glass and took him outside to freedom. On the way I showed my prisoner to the cat - he was not the slightest bit interested in the convict and merely demanded I get on with real event, making his snack. I don't know what cats are coming to these days.


Anonymous said...

Oh cuuuuute.

Xtal said...

he looks like he fell from above..
he has a red nose..

Catofstripes said...

Not cute, evil and dirty.

I expect his nose is red because he's been at the booze - a stop out mouse late going home to his mum.

craddocks said...

Flor would have made mincemeat of that! She brings in at least one a night ....

Catofstripes said...

wanna send her over?