Wednesday 20 June 2007

Water Insects

Broad bodied Chaser

The water insects are beginning to hatch. The Broad Bodied Chaser pictured above is one that I've been trying to capture on digital for quite a while, it looks so odd flying around with its short, almost diseased looking abdomen, but it's a fast flyer and doesn't settle often. Today I was lucky to find one perching on a grass stem over the pond and even luckier that of the two shots I took with the wind blowing and at a strange angle one was completely out of focus and the other was perfect. Blogger doesn't really do it justice, click on the picture and view it on flickr. If you're a member so much the better, you will be able to see it full size.

There are other huge dragonflies just beginning to appear. My camera isn't really up to capturing them although I shall give a good go but Paul was clever enough to get this picture of beautiful demoiselles mating. They are so pretty but hardly ever stop.


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