Tuesday 12 June 2007

Money, headache, tiques

My excuse for doing next to nothing today is a sick headache, the sort that could easily be called a migraine and force me to go back to bed. I'm trying desperately hard to work out what might have brought it on - too much time in front of the computer seems the most likely culprit, so here I am again. In my defence, the weather has reverted to not very nice at all and it's bloody cold.


Anyway, a consultation with Paul about the financial basis of my existence here has revealed that funds are running low. I need to find a way to make some money and make it fast - the sum doesn't need to be all that great, just a few hundred euros a month would pay my bills and stop the rot. So what shall I do?

Recent interactions with the local Brit population reveal that few of them are able to get work of any sort, most hoping to earn pin money through craft ventures like greetings card production or one or two turning to estate agency or other services for expats. Employment in the French sector is hard enough for the French to get it seems and without fluency in the language even being considered for any employment is probably a non-starter.

The longer term plans do include offering B&B and Gites where we hope to have an edge in a competitive market by reference to our USP but those ambitions are on hold until the money comes in from Ireland and the necessary works can be completed. What I need in the meantime is the equivalent of temp work and it looks as if I may have to return to the UK to acquire it. If you do happen to be a French employer looking for casual labour from an IT literate, educated Brit living in Normandy do give me a call. Please.

Apologies for the quality of this candid shot, I was using my phone and expecting momentarily to be escorted from the premises for bringing the shop into disrepute.

And so to tiques. The BBC, bless 'em, are running a report today about ticks and the increase of Lyme disease. This is old news to me, but I have had, counts on fingers, more than five tiques bites in the time I've been here and I do sometimes worry about it. I pulled another of the little buggers off me this morning. The cat suffers worse than I do but for him there is a treatment that I can apply every three weeks or so that kills the things as they attach. Why isn't there something like this for humans?

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Anonymous said...

I can totally empathise with that conundrum. and, wow, I woulda taken a snap of that supermarket, too,.,.