Wednesday 4 June 2008

Garden Roundup

broad bean heaven

The broad beans have been flowering for a while now but only today have I spotted a few tiny pods setting. Rain and high winds have kept the bees away but as soon as the sun comes out they are drawn irresistibly to the glorious scent of the bean flowers. It really is amazing and a picture is just totally inadequate to cover the experience.


This oca has white tubers and quite a different growth habit to the pink and crimson sorts I have grown before. They were quite delicate, even lightly furry and shaded with darker patches, this is waxy, thick leaved and sturdy. All six plants finally came up.

carlin flowers

I wish I hadn't started the carlins so early in the UK. They struggled for several weeks after we arrived and I planted them out. Finally they're beginning to make strong growth and flowers. I hope we don't get pea moth.

run bean run

The Spanish White runner beans as we now call them, are finally starting to run. Unfortunately this picture also shows the weeding that needs doing.

papa lisa
This is the ulluco with the pinker stems and leaves.

and this is the greener version. I think there is a variety positioned between, making three sorts in the garden but I'm not sure and the pictures aren't very exciting so we'll just show these two for now. I had a bite of the leaves, raw. Um, just like spinach!

And talking of spinach

Tastes like spinach

I cut and cooked a handful of the Good King Henry. It really didn't taste very nice as I nibbled a leaf raw on my way to the kitchen but actually, after cooking in some salted boiling water for five or so minutes it was pretty good, in a leafy green foraging sort of way. I've seen mention of changing the water part way through cooking to remove bitterness and I think that would be a good idea, but marks out of 10? A definite seven and a half.

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Xtal said...

I had a craving for baked tofu with roast veg + fresh peas or beans and red wine gravy today.(also with french mustard)

Make it for me when I come!

I will come!