Thursday 19 June 2008

The sun is hot but the wind is cold

long white icicle
Long White Icicle Radishes

I made a bit of a mistake with these radishes. For some reason I thought the seed was old and losing viability so I sowed it all thickly, anticipating poor germination and little need to thin. They all came up and although I did thin a couple of times, mainly to enliven my salads with peppery shoots, the plants are still woefully overcrowded. Luckily at least some of them have had space to produce useful roots, but I will have to buy new seeds for the next sowing which could have been avoided.

Today I'm supposed to be tidying the house. I will have visitors tomorrow, the first this year. Naturally I'm procrastinating like crazy but some small progress is being made. I've bottled the elderflower champers even though it shows no signs of fermentation yet. Bit of a disappointing year in fact, if this batch fails I shall try some ginger beer. You have to add the yeast to that, what could possibly go wrong?

I notice from the stats I'm still getting more hits for the elderflower champagne recipe than anything else but I can't see how to get backlinks to work so that all the follow up posts are listed on that original page. I think people should be told it's not all beer and skittles before they waste the sugar and lemons.

And at the risk of TMI I seem to be heading straight back into a depression. I don't know what the hell is wrong with me.

Back to the floor swabbing...


Meg Wolff said...

Are these radishes similar to daikon radish?

Good luck in getting your hose clean!

Catofstripes said...

Hi Meg,

I think the connection is only distant, these are developed from the sort of small salad radishes popular in Europem very quick to mature. We grow mooli too but have to start them at different times of the year or they tend to bolt.