Monday 13 October 2008

Back to work

more harvest

Monday and the weather puts its grey suit back on. No sun, no bright blue skies, just a uniform cloud cover and merest hint of moisture in the air, not even enough to call drizzle.

It's a good day for working in the garden but I've not been pulling my weight there. All I did was wander out to pull some vegetables for my lunch; carrots, beets, radishes and to gather a handful of these lovely rusty coloured nasturtiums that smell so sweetly as I walk past. I did have a quick peek at the storage vegetables. The cabbages are keeping pretty well in the cave, the potatoes need another picking over. There are a few rotting ones in the boxes that must be removed.

In theory I've been working on some artwork, cooking with rosehips and rice for tomorrow's posts, catching up with emails but really I've been away with the fairies. Where did the day go?

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