Tuesday 21 April 2009

Arrived again, naturally


So we made it. And discovered that sometime in the recent past someone had smashed a window, made entry to the house and had a jolly good look around. Luckily it seems nothing has been taken - we can't quite decide whether this is because they were casing the joint for a later return or our stuff is just too naff. The third option is that they were just tourists who thought the place was deserted and left when they realised it wasn't. Oh, and another thought is that it was a casual incursion by EDF employees who had been chopping down hedges that probably wouldn't have interfered with their wires for another ten years.

Whatever, whoever went through the place thoroughly opening locked doors and nosing into cupboards. Most uncomfortable but we're counting our blessings, it could have been so much worse.

The damage hadn't gone unnoticed. Our local contacts sent email to advise of the situation and offer help which was kind but although they suggested getting the police involved I'm not sure any useful result would come of it.

We're keeping our fingers crossed that nothing more will happen. And maybe I'll buy a baseball bat, just to keep myself fit, obviously.

That unpleasantness aside, it's wonderful to be back. The little garden I planted up in March is looking good.


All the garlic, shallots, parsnips and broad beans are up and healthy. I gave them a quick tidy up with the hoe this afternoon and am feeling very proud of them.

Not much apple blossom yet but the pears are in full bloom. The apple pear is looking particularly pretty.

applepear blossom

The weather today was completely like summer and we've made a great start on getting the rest of the garden sorted out for the spuds and other plants that are really late going in. There were at least half a dozen sort of butterflies, the swallows are back, there are cuckoos and woodpeckers and buzzards and all sorts of birds. It's just too wonderful!

And the kittens are loving it too but I'll do a separate post for them tomorrow. There's just so much to write about!


Fuzzlewoof said...

So sorry to hear about the intruder, glad you are back and loving it!. Look forward to lots of new pics

joker the lurcher said...

that must have been really unnverving. if you would like a recording of a dog barking to scare people off let me know.