Friday 17 April 2009

This is it!

The internet has let me down. I wanted to embed a link to Mari Wilson singing the entirely lyrically inappropriate song "This is it" because she's one of my favourite vocalists and ever since the decision to leave for France has finally lightly coalesced it's been going around and around in my head.

Search it out. You can hear the soundtrack to my life. (it's on Showpeople)

Yes, at last, it's almost certain, we may be going over at the weekend, subject to well, almost anything that could wrong and the fisherfolk being adequately bought off for the time being.

I'm not so much disappointed like Mari but thrown into the usual fugue state that relates to packing, travelling, disconnecting from one form of existence and anticipating another which includes loneliness and summer in equal measures, a knife edge of pain and pleasure that is almost addictive.

Anyway, to more practical things. The only tomato seeds that have germinated strongly from the ancient stuff planted a couple of weeks ago are the Golden Sunrise. I suppose I'm not surprised but my secret optimist had hoped for more. I'll have to make up the varieties with some purchased plants from the local garden centres when we arrive, it's really too late to try again from seed now.

sleeptime in kittenopolis

Kittens are going to have a sudden descent into hell too. The journey takes at least seven hours. We bought a big car for cat comfort (well, it was amongst the considerations) and we'll travel via the Chunnel so that they never have to be left alone on a smelly unheated car deck but even so, it's a tedious and uncomfortable trip. They've done a few shorter journeys and complained most of the time. I'm hoping that a long journey will give them time to settle and then after that they will become reconciled to the journey as Baggsy did. Yes, it's the secret optimist speaking again, but I am sure they're going to love it when they get there. It's kitten heaven.

No more posts now until we've reassembled on the other side of the transporter. See you there.

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