Thursday 9 April 2009

Reader survey

Google are making it easier to put adverts on the site. I've resisted this for a long time now because I really don't want to irritate people by thrusting marketing in their faces - nobody wants visual spamming.

But, I am perpetually broke and analysing the stats for this site reveals that the vast majority of traffic is one-off views from image searches, with very few regular visitors or subscribers.

If you like the blog as it is and would prefer me not to add some small google ads to the sidebar could you make a comment? I'd rather please my friends than earn a very small copper although taking care of a few pennies would be helpful if it didn't bother anyone.


Fuzzlewoof said...

Some ads are fine with me, everyone else does it, why not you!

Anonymous said...

Hell, if turns a shilling, why not?

Catofstripes said...

Thanks for the support chaps.

Notkeith, by my calculations it's going to take me three years to earn $100! A shilling is about the size of it.

Anyway, I've set it up. Doesn't seem to be a tweak for context relation so I'll be monitoring for inappropriate content. We'll see.

ICQB said...

I say go for it!

Sarsparilla said...

Why not? Nobody ever reads blog sidebars, anyway, do they? So what harm can it do?

Dandelion said...

Bothers me not a jot. I read you in an RSS reader. I bet I won't even see them.