Saturday 4 June 2011

A little bit of this and that...


I had so many things to blog about and now I seem to have forgotten them all.

Oh yes, they say it's going to rain tonight and tomorrow and be showery for a lot of next week. I am a true farmer because this much awaited and necessary event fills me with dread. You see, a couple of days ago I got the first blight watch warning for the Channel Islands (which is as close to me as they go) and a few days of warmth and high humidity is just what the menace needs. I'm reluctant to spray but don't want to lose the crop.

Still it's kept me busy, I've rushed around getting seeds into beds and mowing the grass because the seeds will enjoy the damp and the grass mowing won't.

view back to the greenhouse

Here's a picture showing some cut grass and the sorry dry state of the plot with everything stunted and small from lack of water.

Planted on the 2nd June, seed rows for kale and purple sprouting - late I know but it shouldn't be a problem since we won't be harvesting until next March. Purslane, coriander, summer broccoli and rocket with lettuce seeds Marvel of 4 Seasons and a home saved Cos (I can't remember) indoors in the cool.

The seed amaranth was planted out. It looks a bit small but I'm reasonably confident it will make it.

Today I planted rows of French bean Royal Red and the oddity from HDRA described as the Jersey bean. I was expecting to harvest enough dry beans from these to make us self sufficient this year but looking at the slow start and poor stature of the Ice Crystal Wax and Annabel planted some six weeks ago I'm not at all hopeful unless the weather changes somewhat.

white currant

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