Wednesday 8 June 2011

April Showers

The weather seems to have reverted back to the months it missed. Currently, we're having the sort of blustery, showery rather cool climate you might expect in late March or April, although thankfully with little chance of frost. It's refreshing and good for the plants mostly, but is it unutterably shallow of me to wish the summer would come back again soon?

long walk

Although, it is unusual to have raspberries in April. Actually these first few fruit are very confused by it all, as they are on the variety Autumn Bliss which are not really supposed to fruit until late summer but I suppose the stress of being moved and planted out this spring has put the fear of death into them. Best practice would have me clean any fruit off before it matures this year, to allow the plants to strengthen their roots but there's only a few and I'm hoping to feed them to Paul for his breakfast on Friday morning.


Seeds planted a few days ago in the propagator are beginning to stir. I've put in half a dozen Red Ripper cowpeas, which were so poorly performing for me last year in the garden and will try them in the greenhouse. At the very least they should provide a little bit of shading for the basil and may even produce some beans.


Rhizowen said...

Hope the cowpeas do OK - although I'm somewhat dubious. The variety to get is probably Carol Deppe's new one: "Fast Lady Northern Southern Pea". Haven't tried it yet, but it's determinate and said to be about a month earlier than other varieties. If it's as good as it sounds, it's certainly a bit of a breakthrough and might do quite well for you.

Catofstripes said...

Thanks, I have no expectations of the cowpeas at all after last year but the seed was just sitting there, looking pathetic and I do have a greenhouse this year to play in.

I shall look out for the Fast Lady, good to know.