Friday 22 July 2011

Kittens and Flowers

here comes the sun

There's been no mistaking that I've been at the bottom of a very dark well of despair this last week. Today, after a morning of rain coming straight down like the traditional (and probably long forgotten by most) stair rods the sun returned and life seems worthwhile again.

raven - floating

The cats were pleased to come out for a photo forage with me. Madam Raven demonstrates her floating ability here.

teazel and bee

All the insects are glad the rain has stopped too. Loads of bees and butterflies making the most of the warm sun. The teazels are flowering now and attracting plenty of attention. Later it will be birds who enjoy feeding from the seeds.

Rook with cobwebs

Rook has such a pretty face although it's usually obscured by cobwebs or other scrud.


These colourful things are the first harvest from the ornamental gourd patch. Unfortunately although there are twelve plants there from a mixed seed pack this seems to be the limit of the variations. Still they'll be nice decorations for the autumn.

Crow looking

Crow was so jealous of the attention I was paying to the gourds that he jumped on the table and posed for his portrait, which isn't like him at all.

I took loads of photos so there will be a few more posts to come from them today. I could do with an annotation and archiving application for keeping things in order and making it possible to find stuff again. What do you use or recommend for adding tags and notes to your photo archives?

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Xtal said...

great pictures, nice to see the cats looking well and the gourds looking gourdy. I'll come and visit again soon, Xtal x