Friday 22 July 2011

On this day - butterflies

It's not been the best year for butterflies and the recent dreadful weather seemed to be sealing their doom, but today in the sunshine, some signs of hope. These are just snaps, all taken today, visual proof of what's here.

butterfly large white
Female Large White

butterfly brimstone
Brimstone - this is the second brood, progeny of the early spring adults

butterfly gatekeeper
Tatty little Gatekeeper

butterfly ringlet
Ringlet - a very shy butterfly

butterfly holly blue
Holly Blue wouldn't sit still for its photo

butterly marbled white
Marbled White - see underside here

butterfly meadow brown
Meadow brown, still the most common butterfly on the farm

butterfly some sort of skipper
A Skipper butterfly but I'm not sure which sort

butterfly peacock
Peacock, quite a lot of them about,which is nice

butterfly red admiral
Red Admiral, another old favourite

There was also a Hummingbird Hawk moth but it's not a butterfly and it didn't want to stop for the camera either. This isn't anything like as many varieties as we get in the course of a year but it's a good cross section. I'm hoping with some sunshine we'll see many more.

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Sasha said...

What a wealth of butterflies! Takes me back to my rural childhood.