Monday 4 July 2011

Sunset on the 4th July

sunset on the 4th July

We suddenly have loads of swallows which means that, despite some tragic losses, most of our swallow parents have managed to raise their broods. It's early enough that they might even try for a second family before it's time to head back south but I hope they'll enjoy a rest before getting stuck in again.

Deer are still attacking the vegetables, this picture is one taken by Paul last year because when I see the monsters now I'm more interested in chasing them away whilst screaming my head off than sneaking up for a photo shoot. They did a lot of damage last year and it would be awful to suffer a repeat of that this year.

Gardening has slowed down a lot. I'm still bumbling around clearing spaces for leeks and overwintering brassicas always with my thoughts on where and how best to position them so that they can be protected from deer ravages in the winter. It's all rather quiet, very very dry again and too hot during the day to do much outside even though I feel guilty about skulking inside.


xavier said...

The father of a friend, farmer, hanged small bags filled with hair at the branches of his fruit trees. It's an effective repulsive.

Catofstripes said...

Interesting idea, thanks. I'll have to try it.