Thursday 28 July 2011


Tomatoes - Beefsteak (HDRA) and Coeur de Boeuf
First tomatoes from the greenhouse. The big one is Coeur de Boeuf, seed from a market fruit, the small one a Beefsteak, seed from the Heritage Seed Library.

Beans Carters Polish
First pods from the Carters Polish bean, seeds from the Heritage Seed Library. These are still quite small, I think they'll be a bit bigger when they're mature.

Onion Stuttgarter Giant, a flat bulbed variety that I like. This is one of the biggest, grown from a set.

Below, the full onion harvest laid out on a netting support to cure. The weather is too variable to risk leaving them outside.


Last Days said...

Those tomatoes look delicious!
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Rose said...

Beautiful'll be eating well in the coming weeks and months! :)

Matron said...

It is an exciting time of year. What a lovely beefsteak tomato.

KMU said...

Lovely garden!

I had a similar issue to your onion problem vs. the weather with my garlic this year. I pulled the harvest early (June instead of July), so the bulbs are smaller than usual - but rain and cold all the way into June in the desert? Do you think the condition of the harvest will affect the storage qualities of your onions? I'm worried my garlic may not keep through the winter.

Catofstripes said...

Thanks for the kind words everyone.

KMU, I am oddly envious of your desert although everything I need is here. Not sure about the onions, I think they'll be o.k. if I let them dry in the outhouse there, it's worked before. One thing about onions though is that I never plant enough, these probably won't need to last past Christmas.

If your garlic was firm when you picked it and you've cleaned and dried it off properly you should be fine. Get the stored bulbs regularly and remove anything that looks doubtful immediately, so that it doesn't affect the others.

Georgia said...

i love the piks.