Thursday 24 May 2007

Gone tomorrow

I've spent the day waiting for the meter reader. EDF are concerned that they haven't had a reading for over a year and sent me a letter advising a man would call. He didn't. I can't say I've wasted a day but I've not been able to go out and now there is the uncertainty of whether he'll call tomorrow. Pooh.

Still this morning a mad May hare hopped in from the field, sauntered across the yard and gently disappeared around the corner. Naturally in the face of such a perfect photo opportunity I failed entirely. To begin with I was on the phone to Paul and then the camera card was full and fighting my way through the menus to find delete meant the chance was lost. Never seen one of those here before, not even a rabbit. Wonder if he'll come back. So here's a picture of an oak tree while we're waiting.

It is so beautiful here. I am really really lucky to have this chance to spend time just being. Thank you Paul, you make it all possible. If only you were here it would be perfect.

I've spent the day mowing mostly. We seem to reaching the limit of what one woman and her machine can achieve so I think we'll have to stop expanding the boundaries of mown land until we can get that tractor. But it's pleasant enough when the sun is shining. Have to get some extra strong sun cream though, I can feel my face burning even now.

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