Wednesday 23 May 2007

Potato Patch


This is an entry that's been a long time in the brewing. We covered a patch of ground with black plastic last autumn to kill the grass, then in April this year we rotovated it (well, when I say we, I mean Paul) four times in all, took out several barrowloads of rocks and planted our seed potatoes discussed here.

The picture below was taken today and shows the state of growth achieved so far. We put the plastic back over the newly planted rows for two (or three or four) reasons, primarily so that weed growth would be suppressed for as long as possible, the grasses will take many months to finally die and secondly to keep the deer off as much as possible. Unfortunately the spuds did have a small check caused by this regime, we did not return here quickly enough to slit the plastic to let the young growth through and some new shoots were blanched and burnt by the heat of the sun captured by the black plastic but they seem to be doing alright now.

Next task will be to spray for blight if we hope to avoid the disastrous infection that killed all the tomatoes last year.

spuds up

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Niles said...

Wow, that's an enormous great plot of land for potatoes! Will you be able to eat that many?