Saturday 26 May 2007

What have I done today?

I can't tell you. Well, alright then.

Today a lot more grass was mowed, this was instigated by the weather forecast predicting heavy rain for the next two days. The grass was already two feet high in places, I couldn't risk letting it get any further. And I've done quite well, nearly all areas previously mown have had their hair cut although I've not done behind the cider house or the far side of the potato patch.


I did find this though, when I was having a wander. An almost complete snakeskin cast, missing the end of the tail but with the head complete. I'm not clever enough to work out what sort of snake it was but it's going to be bigger now.

Today's other treat was a trip to Baobab; our nearest and possibly best garden centre. I needed some pumpkin plants because I failed to get any started at the right time and couldn't wait. There were three sorts available, Rouge Vif d'Etampes in a pack of three, Uchiki Kuri also sold in threes and a single Muscade de Provence which looks suspiciously like my old favourite Moschate Muscade, I'm hoping so anyway.

They are destined for a row in the back garden that I have been building up with grass clippings rotted and fresh. This will have some compost starter sprinkled over it, be well soaked and then covered in black plastic making a perfect hot bed full of nutrients for the pumpkins and at the end of the season the well rotted compost can be spread over the whole patch and dug back into the soil. Perfect.

(oh, and I meant to say, I've started a new blog about vegan food in France, which might be of interest to some here)

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