Monday 23 July 2007



Monday Night Cat Blogging.

What's to say, this is a very bad cat. He's lying on a white sheet, he's not supposed to be. He's given the best food money can buy, he won't eat it, mostly. He has his own chair and blanket, he sits on the sofa. He has fires lit for him in July. You can see his fire here.


He sleeps all day, but he wakes us three times every, did I say every, I meant every night. If he's in he wants the sun turned on so he can go out, if he's out naturally, he wants to come in.

He's a very bad cat.

bad cat


Anonymous said...

Il est trop mechant.


I really liked this description of your cat. My friend, Peter, has an adopted older black cat, K.D. (for the singer, Ms. Laing). She has the habit of poking Peter's nose with her right paw to alert him to her various needs. She is also quite a vigilant gardener. First thing each day, she must go out on the ninth floor balcony to inspect Peter's many pots of herbs and flowers. She wails whenever the herbs are harvested. She watches anxiously each snip of the scissors. She would enjoy your farm. Though, I think she would interfere a bit with the harvest.

Catofstripes said...

Cats are such particular precious creatures and have a peculiar intelligence that really only works in relation to their own universe.

Bagheera is so old now he has almost achieved zen mastery, he just is and the world revolves around him.