Wednesday 18 July 2007


Abbey St Vigor

No, not the Abbey for all that it's a monstrous carbuncle signifying a repressive, misogynistic and perverted regime dedicated to frightening people into submission, no, that's still rather beautiful and a monument to architecture.

What's obscene was the phone call I got last night, which woke me from my comfortable sleep and despite my most sanguine efforts at dismissal kept me awake for two hours fretting until I finally crawled back to my bed only to be woken an hour later by the same pervert trying all the same things again. I believe I have this person's telephone number and if I do, then I know where he lives. It would be the work of a moment to ensure that he never bothers anyone again but of course, mild mannered and middle aged women do not murder their assailants, they meekly take the phone off the hook and change their telephone numbers at the first opportunity.

It's been a while since I had this sort of problem; last time I finally exorcised the spook by telling him that I knew his wife and would tell her. Did I? of course not, but anyone as sad as a late night heavy breather can't take chances. I don't really think I'm being stalked, about to be murdered in my bed or any of the other horrible fates a sleep deprived mind can imagine but I'm seriously considering getting a dog.

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