Friday 13 July 2007

A good day for...

Well, actually it's just a good day.

But I have noticed that it's a good day for photography, especially if you happen to have the sort of kit that I don't. This morning, at about 5:30 there were big deer on the lawn by the pear tree, some with antlers and then later four fish posed perfectly together in a warm patch of the pond. I didn't catch either of those spectacles but I did get some pretty summery shots. It's so lovely now the sun is back and warm enough to go naked which as regular readers will know is favourite mode of mine.

That cheered me up enough to get some chores done. First, three loads of washing.


Then, I dug a row of potatoes. This was really encouraging because we thought the crop had been ruined by blight but these Winston are mostly big and beautiful with a good yield except on the first few plants to be affected and I only put my fork through one of them!


And after that, I did a big patch of lawn mowing.

wide open spaces

So I feel virtuous and good. They say it's going to rain again tomorrow.

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