Wednesday 11 July 2007


This year has been rather quieter for visitors than last. Lots of people have expressed an interest but for one reason or another haven't been able to make a firm date so it was great fun to welcome two old friends to stay last weekend.


We didn't get a lot done, plans for sightseeing fell by the wayside thick and fast as it turned out all we really wanted to do was sit in the sun, soak up the peace and get quietly sozzled in beautiful surroundings. One popular outing for guests was achieved, a trip to the Abbey in Cerisy la ForĂȘt where many photographs were taken, none of them actually available to me at this time - however this is the view away from the Abbey across the fish pond.


I'm hoping to have a few more visitors before the year is out, ideally people looking for a working holiday (!) who will destroy brambles and strim nettles in return for plenty of food and drink but actually anyone will do, it can be a bit lonely here sometimes.

One unwelcome visitor is the feral cat, scorned by Bagheera and anxious to keep a hold on the valuable property that is his leftovers she has twice come into the house and sprayed her foul scent across the furniture. Enough is enough and doors are being closed rigorously to prevent her getting in again but it does mean the old chap doesn't have the same easy access to the sunshine he once enjoyed. So a cat flap is another task for the list, Paul is going to have plenty to do when he gets here.


Anonymous said...

I realise you have nearly no idea who I am, but I and my peruvian will be in France in October, hopefully, for a day or three, and we would visit....!

Catofstripes said...

I should be really delighted to meet you both. I hope you have mail.