Friday 2 May 2014

Planting Potatoes


I started this blog entry on the 18th April expecting to finish up the work in a few days and use it to document the planting.  Two weeks later and I've only managed to get three rows planted, 12 Epicure in one row and two 9 spud rows of British Queen. I can't complete the planting because I can't walk on the potato patch without leaving a Hollywood style footprint autograph behind me.

It's rained again for the last two days but this afternoon the skies are clearing slowly and the forecast is for a dry weekend stretching out until next Tuesday, so I'll leave things to drain a bit and start pulling rows on Monday.

These are the potatoes that will be planted although the row numbering will necessarily be adjusted - the plot is narrow and long so single rows of any particular variety are unlikely. There's nothing very unusual, just our favourites plus Sante which we've not tried before. The Ambo are self saved from last year's crop, We were unable to source any certified tubers this year and I hope this doesn't mean they are going to fall off the list, we have found them excellent general purpose potatoes with good yields.

Row 1: Epicure
Rows 2&3: British Queen
Row 4&5: Sante
Row 6: Ambo
Row 7: 4 more Ambo and Pink Fir Apple
Row 8: Pink Fir Apple
Row 9&10: Sarpo Mira
Row 11&12: Arran Victory
all in by 8th May - just two rows of odds and sod leftovers to plant if it ever stops raining.

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