Thursday 15 May 2014

Planting record

seper vivum

Not so much a post as an aide-memoire. The good weather is here at last and like the sun, I've got my hat on and I'm making hay, or something.

I'd planted a few sad seedlings out before the gales and hail and they're hanging on in but now I've started trying to fill the beds in earnest with all the leggy youngsters that have been languishing in pots.

Already in then, swedes (ravaged by slugs), Starley Road red peas (didn't like the cold much, I'm hoping the check isn't fatal) and spuds various. There are other things like overwintered garlic and shallots etc but they're not (all that) important right now.

Today I've dug a bean trench and planted out around it the Purple Giant and the Carlin peas leaving one pole to pop a Lady's slipper achocha in when I get around to it. Unfortunately I now have to make several more trenches for climbing beans (and where I'm going to get stakes from I've no idea) and find beds for all the ulluco and oca refugees.


The butterfly season is getting off to an impressive start. This pretty little thing is probably (and the id is very tentative) a female sooty copper. Usually we don't see these until much later in the year. I'm guessing that the mild winter allowed the second brood to overwinter successfully and these are local rather than the migrants we usually get.

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