Tuesday 20 May 2014

Wild Life - some snaps

Male Pale Tussock moth

Last night's stormy weather seemed to encourage the moths to batter themselves at the window. I snapped a few at the height of the thunder and rain. This morning there are still some there, resting through the day, including several Pale Tussocks, extravagantly hairy.

The Green Silver lines was a night time shot, I didn't even realise what it was until I looked at the photo this morning. It takes a flash to freeze their motion so that they can be seen. In their frenzy to unite with the light they never stop fluttering long enough for human eyes to identify.

Green Silver lines moth

On Sunday though, the weather was still beautifully sunny and warm and as I wandered aimlessly up to the big field to see if I could catch the buzzards unawares for once on their favourite telephone pole this little fellow tiptoed into view.


So small I thought it was a cat to begin with but the mother was there, hunting along the track. She made a magnificent leap into the long grass to capture something but I couldn't get a clear shot. Junior though, thought I was fascinating and came so close back along the path to investigate me that in the end I had to warn him off.

He didn't leave in rush though, just trotted away looking back over his shoulder from time to time. Adorable.

fox cub in the field

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