Friday 30 May 2014

When cows attack...


Actually there are lots of things to blog about but it took a disaster to bring me to the point of spilling over into words.

This week the Mr. has been in residence and we've started a long planned task to fence the vegetable patch against the marauding deer that so often destroy my precious plants.

Putting up fences is a stressful task and we'd only managed to place a couple of posts vertically in suitably reinforced holes before deciding, rather bad temperedly to call it a day and come back inside for dinner. Whilst words were being exchanged he suddenly dropped in a complete non sequitur and told me there were cows in the veggies. I almost ignored him, the silly moo, but curiosity got the better of me and so I looked and there they were, six of them, stomping over the garlic and beans.

We chased them off, of course, but the damage is done and then I had to phone the farm next door and tell them about it. Not my favourite task, my French isn't really good enough for face to face conversations so telephones scare me a lot. Luckily the neighbours speak some English so between us we shared the information and buckets of food were brought to tempt the bullocks back home.

The cows are not the only unwanted visitors this week. A rather cheeky beech marten turned up and decided to take residence. We're not entirely sure he/she is completely well as it's behaving rather strangely but after we had to evict it from the swallow nesting barn it's been hanging around the yard. The cats don't seem too bothered and we think it's eating up discarded mice left over from the hunt.

They're not entirely welcome visitors but it's another mammal to add to our list of local wildlife and very cute.



AlisonC said...

Exciting. Does it really have blue eyes or is that a photographic effect?

Catofstripes said...

I think that was caused by the flash. I'll put another photo up elsewhere.