Saturday 10 May 2014

Weather or not


It's been another horrible week of weather, very windy and a lot of rain, nothing like the idyllic scene above taken during a brief day of sunshine, probably the only one in the last seven days. It's still appalling windy today and I've had to bolt the front door to stop gale force gusts from bursting it open and blowing everyone away. It's cold and gloomy indoors too and I'm playing that well known game of trying to keep the woodburner in 24/24 . Normally by now it would be on for just a couple of hours in the evening, more for company than anything.

So everything is behind and plants like beans and peas started under cover are beginning to miss their window for most successful planting out which is annoying.


This sculpit seedling in the yard is an escape from a patch I had up the garden which seemed to have given up the ghost entirely there. I had the original seeds, it's just a selection of that old time weed Silene vulgaris , from Seeds of Italy but despite their glowing recommendation never found the leaves tasted of anything much but grass. Anyhow, now I have this self seeded survivor and I'll save seed from that because the very young fleshy leaves do look appealing and are probably fine in mixed pickings of horta.

naughty black cat

Cats aren't too keen on the weather either although it does provide them with another way to demand my services. Cats that are very wet get a special wipe down with kitchen towels and Crow (in the picture) particularly loves this, which means as soon as he's dry he's straight back outside to get wet again.

The forecast is for a dryer time next week and I can't wait.


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