Wednesday 18 January 2006

Box Cuttings

What really happened today is that I spent a lot of time copying stuff from one machine to another and setting up programs, ameol, thunderbird and so on that I'd only just sorted from the last disk failure, but never mind, it's mostly done now. All I have to do is burn a few archive disks and try to keep the new disk tidy. Ha.

But it wasn't all lost time. The willow cuttings arrived, promptly and well packed. They are resting in the fridge for the time being until we go to France in a week or so. And the box cuttings were taken and are now in the greenhouse. I would have put them in the propagator but there's no room.

Other things France related, the insurance for the house arrived and the copy has been posted back to Agence Eaton, Generali Assurances. There is no insurance for the other French house. I wonder if we should obtain some.

I must check on my seeds. Maybe something will have come up already.

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BaronD said...

Be careful of Agence Eaton. They might talk English but when there is a problem they will cost you dear. Took me to court for money I did not owe. Have you tried convincing a french judge of anything from the other side of the channel. Also they are very expensive anyway. Try CIFX in the UK, much cheaper and no hidden agendas.