Wednesday 18 January 2006

Yesterday's entry

I took delivery of my new Dell and in the ensuing mayhem didn't manage to create an entry for yesterday so here it is now!

Actually, not a lot happened to progress french interests. I took some time to go to our allotments in NP and did harvest a few young trees which have been potted up as potential woodland overseas. Then I (finally) took down the bean canes and did a bit of tidying up. I've paid for the allotments until October 2006 in order to give myself time to extract various perennials from the plots. Chief amongst these are the asparagus crowns just embarking on their third year. I'm not sure how well they'll transplant but we've been waiting so long. There are also three types of comfrey, the lovage and sweet cicely I brought from Worthing and some other herbs and rhubarb. I'm in two minds about the fruit, blackcurrants and raspberries. The blackcurrants have been fantastic but there were already on the land when we took it on and I suspect may be infected with virus. Since the farm is practically virgin territory I don't want to take diseases in with us. We may have to invest in new stock. The strawberries definitely need replacing.

As we have the land, more or less prepared, I hope we will be able to plant some bulk crops of potatoes, alliums and, this is fanciful, wheat all of which should be cleared in time to hand the allotments back in the autumn. We can then concentrate on preparing the winter veg. garden in France (along with some easy peasy beans and pumpkins) and continue to create our new vegetable patch from there.

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