Monday 16 January 2006


Spent a long weary day on Sunday looking over the very comprehensive lists of hedging plants available locally and deciding that they are still too expensive for the lengths of hedge we need to cover. So maybe I'll stick to buying a few of the more exotic and interesting plants (e.g wild pear, purple leaved hazel, cornelian cherry) and attempt to raise some bulk planting of sloe, may and ordinary hazel by myself. The planting is going to be heavy work too so it's probably best not to be too ambitious with expensive and delicate bare rooted seedlings. They wouldn't be best pleased to be out of the ground for too long.

There is a lot more to do at the farm than plan the plantings but until we get there and decide what gets priority it's difficult to progress much else. The cob and lime course has been booked for April 7th for both of us to attend which should give us some clues about how to repair some of our walls and make them watertight again but the roofing and the woodwork preservation is going to require some skilled professional attention.

This posting would have been made on the 15th but Blogger didn't want to play, honest.

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