Tuesday 24 January 2006

Seedlings of Hope

Some of the Eucalyptus seeds have come up. Actually they were showing their heads yesterday but I didn't check until after I wrote yesterday's entry. They look fine for now but past experience suggests some will succumb to damping off so I'm keeping the lid off of the propagator to allow some fresh air in.

I do have some reservations about using eucalyptus in the coppice. They are undeniably not a native species and might escape to cause a problem in the local environment. OTOH there are very many eucalypts in parks and gardens all over Europe and there doesn't seem to be any problem with that. These trees are destined for regular cutting to produce firewood and will barely have time to reach flowering maturity before their heads come off (everyone say 'oooh') and they have to start all over again. I'll take the chance.

We're off to Ireland tomorrow. Many more people know this than you might expect as I inadvertently sent an email to the Veggie mailing list detailing the arrangements under the mistaken impression I was sending it to Roy only. Oh dear.

We're hoping to clear the old house and hand it over to an agent for selling. Nice property set on two acres with 3 bedroomed farm house, outbuildings, dutch barn and new septic tank. Water piped in from the mountain, no rates or land bills, beautiful isolated position overlooking fields and forestry. A bargain. Contact me if you're serious about a price.

Here's the house, Leitra

A house in Ireland

And talking about contacting me - I've mentioned this blog in quite a lot of places now. If you are reading and can bear to admit it, make a comment, just this once. I'm beginning to feel like a DJ at 2 a.m.


Keif said...

I'm here mumsy!

Anonymous said...

I m reading too.

Anonymous said...

I'm reading it too now. Finally catching up....