Friday 13 January 2006

A New Year

Last year we finally purchased our new property in France.

It's about 24 acres (9.53ha) between Bayeux and St. Lo.

This blog is being hijacked to become the new blogging area for this venture and I hope to record something about it for each day.

So far this year I have investigated hedging. At £100 for 15m of half metre plants we can't afford to buy it in so we're going to have to grow our own. I've also purchased eucalytus seeds (viminalis and rubida), birch and manna ash seeds to start the coppice area and taken some cuttings of lavender from plants here to take there for the garden.

Today I've been looking into grape varieties - I don't really expect to make a lot of wine in what is fundamentally a cider area but would like some fruit for the table, maybe enough to dry for cakes and to make juice in a good year. I also need vine leaves for stuffing. There are a lot to choose from but not many suppliers found yet. The project continues.

List making is a vice, updating this blog comes top of the list so more tomorrow!

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